M&A Timbers: Saligna Gum, Meranti, Kiaat and more!

Selecting the correct timber can be pivotal in the success of your woodworking project. Whether you are creating hardwood flooring or a simple furniture piece, it is crucial to use high-quality timber. At M&A Timbers, we understand why this is so important. We have the necessary industry insight to help your find the perfect match for your needs. Our wide range of options is guaranteed to help your project succeed – from Kiaat to Saligna Gum wood!

With years of experience in the industry, the experts at M&A Timbers can help you with all your indoor and outdoor timber requirements. Additionally, we specialise in creating custom wooden skirting, flooring, architectural mouldings, cladding and decking for residential and commercial environments. We also manufacture these according to your exact specifications.

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More about our Saligna Gum

There are many saligna gum plantations in South Africa. This species grows to be about 50 metre high, with smooth bark and glossy green leaves. They are not only stunning additions to nature but also act as fantastic timber choice for various home renovations and additions!

This timber is easy to machine and finish, which allows it to maintain a fairly affordable price tag. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and can offer years of use with the correct maintenance. Saligna gum is a hardwood whose many benefits make it ideal for multiple uses! Its sturdy build makes it perfect for everything from do-it-yourself projects to simple furniture assembly. Additionally, its versatility allows it to cooperate easily with all types of binding materials, including glue, nails, and sandpaper.

We offer all popular timber

At M&A Timbers, we turn your woodworking dreams into reality. We offer a wide selection of high-quality exotic woods and machined pieces sourced from the best suppliers in Cape Town. Additionally, our professional team ensure a smooth experience every time thanks to their passion for delivering exceptional results and outstanding customer service.

The rest of our range of wood options includes:

  • Blackwood
  • Kiaat
  • American Oak
  • French Oak
  • American Ash
  • SA Pine

Finishing your timber to perfection!

At M&A Timbers, we take care of the dirty work for you by transforming raw wood into your desired shape with our cutting, shaping, and drilling machining processes. This way, the wood is a more reliable size and shape that is easier to work with overall. Plus, our services help preserve the timber’s structural integrity while making it more durable.

If you are in need of high-quality wood products, get in touch with the professionals at M&A Timbers.

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