Introducing South African College Schools (SACS)

South African College Schools (SACS) is an all-boys school, that offers education to both primary and high school learners. Our Junior and High Schools are located on different campuses, near each other. Our overall aim is to present our boys with every opportunity imaginable to make sure they reach their full potential.

SACS have been in existence since 1829, and with a proud heritage, we believe we have provided each boy entering our gates with ample opportunities and a warm environment to grow. We boast highly qualified staff members, who takes the academic growth and emotional development of our learners very seriously. We also have a wide variety of sporting and cultural extramural activities available, in which we encourage our learners to partake.

What we offer

The South African College Schools (SACS) offer premium English education to boys in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. We focus on all aspects of a child’s development, including academics, sport and culture. We also partake in outreach programmes and yearly camps, to make sure that our boys develop on a social level as well.

SACS offer education to both primary and high school learners, on different campuses.

We offer

  • Junior School Education, from grade 1-7, with only 25 children per class.
  • High School Education, from grade 8-12, following the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy (CAPS)

We also have an Old Boys’ Union, where old members can join our database, allowing you to advertise your business, communicate with old peers, etc.

For high quality education in the Southern Suburbs, be sure to visit our schools to see if it is a fit for your children.


Opening Hours


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