Introducing Dr Tanja Beeton Audiologist

Dr Tanja Beeton Audiologist is a professional and highly recommended practitioner in the field of audiology. She has years’ experienced and various accolades at hand, allowing her to diagnose and treat patients effectively – no matter the hearing problem they are struggling with. Our practice is situated in the Northern Suburbs, in Durbanville, and we have come to be trusted by a large client base for our reliable services and personal care. Whether you are in need of hearing tests, a new hearing aid fit, or you require someone to repair or adjust your hearing aid, our team will gladly assist.

We understand that hearing is an important part of everyday life, which is why we want to assist our patients in leading a normal and happy life, regardless of their hearing impairments.

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    Our services

    We offer a vast range of hearing services at Dr Tanja Beeton Audiologist, including:

    • Hearing aid repairs: our repair services are fast and professional.
    • Hearing tests: we conduct hearing tests for all ages in our own, on-site sound booth.
    • Supply and fit of hearing aids: ensuring that your hearing aid fits is important for it to function fully – we can assist.
    • Hearing protection: employees working in noisy environments may require hearing protection; we can recommended suitable options.

    Treating a hearing problem as soon as it occurs can often prevent long term damage from occurring. To speak to us about your problem, feel free to make an appointment to see Dr Beeton.


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