Introducing Bodytec Newlands

When visiting Bodytec Newlands, clients can expect to experience a full body workout, using Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training technology. This technology offers clients the chance to target multiple muscle groups at once, allowing you to exercise up to 90% of your muscles while training with us. A training sessions lasts a mere 20 minutes, and 1 session per week is enough to get back into shape.

The EMS training sessions are guided by our professional trainers, who have extensive experience in using the EMS training equipment. As part of our fitness services, we offer to put together a unique training regimen for each client, to ensure that your health and boy goals are achieved.

What you can expect

When joining Bodytec Newlands, clients can expect the following benefits from making use of our our cost- and time-effective fitness offering:

  • By activating 90% of your muscles, you can work out your whole body in just 20 minutes – therefore, train smarter in a short period of time.
  • Since you only train once weekly, you can save significant costs on multiple training sessions.
  • We have short and long-term membership plans available, depending on our clients’ needs.
  • Our trainers are highly trained and qualified to handle EMS training equipment.
  • We also offer professional nutritional advice, and since we are partnered with a qualified nutritionist, we will help you reach your weight goals in no time.

For more information about EMS technology, and how it can benefit your body, feel free to visit our website, or drop in at our branch for a detailed discussion.


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