More about BP Newlands

BP Newlands is conveniently located close to a main road in Newlands, which is easily accessible for all motorists. This service station strives to uphold the outstanding quality of the BP brand, and provides the same services found at all other branches. Motorists who visit the BP Newlands branch can expect to find a vast array of products, as well as pleasant service with a smile!

BP is a world-famous brand, popular among vehicle owners for the petrol’s unique dirt defying and engine cleaning abilities. They pride themselves on providing only the best products, which enhance the performance of motor vehicles, as well as prolong the longevity of the engine itself. BP was established in 1909 in London, under the original name of British Petroleum, and since these humble early beginnings, BP has been providing clients with unbeaten services and products.

Our products and services

At the BP Newlands branch, customers will find various facilities and services available, including the following to ensure the safety of all motorists:

  • BP Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology
  • BP Ultimate Diesel with ACTIVE technology
  • BP Newlands Store
  • Pick n Pay
  • Wild Bean Cafe
  • Restaurants
  • Card payment services
  • Motor vehicle services, such oil and water checks and tyre pressure checks

We also have a 24-hour convenience store, which sells household essentials, baked goods, take-away meals and fresh produce for those late-night shopping needs.

For your next fill up in this leafy suburb, make sure you stop at BP Newlands!


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