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Due to our vast experience and unbeatable service delivery, Gullwing Engineering has become known as one of the preferred engineering companies in the Cape Town surrounds. We specialise in general and precision engineering and we manufacture a large selection of specialist part and components on a regular basis. Gullwing has been active in the engineering industry for more than 30 years, so clients can rest assured that they will be receiving the best services and products from us.

We utilise advanced machinery at our workshop, which allows us to create a broad range of various parts for our clients. No matter how intricate the design is, with our experience and the machinery we have at hand, we can manufacture almost any part. We can handle both small and large-scale projects. To ensure that we surpass our clients’ expectations, we first supply a prototype before mass production commences.

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What we offer

By utilising the experience and machinery that we have available at Gullwing Engineering, we can supply our clients with designs that are in adherence with their specifications. The machines that we have include:

  • CNC and conventional milling machines
  • Powerful press machines (ranging from 5 to 105 tons)
  • CNC and conventional turning machines

Our components are suited for various industries, including the medical and motor vehicle industries.

For comprehensive and affordable engineering services that you can rely on, be sure to get in touch with the Gullwing team.

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