Introducing Beloved Beadwork

At the Montebello Design Centre in Newlands, you will find our store – a warm and innovative jewellery shop, run by innovative and creative people. Some of our designers work from home, but you will always find Anne, Laurence and Francine’s happy faces in our store. As our name implies, our beadworks are made to be loved and adored.

Each of our pieces is handcrafted, with hours of hard work and beautiful pieces of beaded glass. We would describe our work as modern, traditional, exclusive, and so much more. Beads appeal to all kinds of people, and we believe that those wearing our unique pieces will feel beautiful on a deeper level.

Our products

At Beloved Beadworks, we specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of beautifully crafted jewellery pieces – that can be worn for various occasions. Our items are sold all over the world and is perfect for special events, or for those days that you feel like making a statement.

Our pieces include unique, handmade:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Statement pieces

Our jewellery is made with excellent quality items, and are sure to last you a long time. If you would like to see our catalogues, feel free to go to our website.

We hope to see you at our store in Newlands soon! Alternatively, you can visit our stall at the V&A Watershed.


Opening Hours


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