About Woolworths Newlands

Woolworths is one of our country’s oldest and most-loved food and clothing stores. The quality of their products in unbeaten, and Woolworths Newlands is proud to continue the brand’s outstanding tradition of providing unique, exceptional and affordable products to their customers. The brand’s core values focus on offering high quality products at affordable prices, and Woolworths is one of the country’s “greenest” retail stores, as they believe in maintaining sustainability and using locally sourced products, as much and as often as possible.

At Woolworths Newlands, one will find a plethora of products, including almost all of the Woolworths range, such as food, household essentials, home-ware and toiletries. Woolworths Newlands offers customers a diverse selection of foods, from indulgent imported chocolates to fresh, locally farmed vegetables and produce. Woolworths also stocks and sell beauty products to rival internationally branded products, as well as gorgeous clothing and accessories. The staff at Woolworths Newlands are friendly and helpful, able to provide advice and assistance with all the products on their shelves. The Woolworths brand is known for taking excellent care of their staff, and as such customers are guaranteed to receive outstanding customer service from happy workers!

For all food, clothing and household needs, look no further than this Woolworths, conveniently located at the bustling Palmyra Junction in Newlands!

Our products

At Woolworths Newlands, customers can find the following top-quality products:

  • Food: Our customers can enjoy our variety of delectable national and international food products.
  • Clothing: We sell a wide range of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, as well as stunning home-brand accessories.
  • Home ware: Our stores stock essential household items, as well as indulgent extras for chic interiors!
  • Beauty: Customers can find a variety of beauty products, from international brands to our own fabulous in-house branded cosmetics.

Please feel free to visit our store or contact us directly for more information on our exceptional products!


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