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If your child is struggling with schoolwork, the best thing to do is to get him/her the help he/she needs sooner than later. At Kip McGrath Durbanville, we specialise in helping learners that struggle with Maths, English, or Afrikaans, in overcoming learning obstacles and achieving better results. Our structured learning programmes are suited for learners from grade R – 12. We also offer other helpful courses, such as a Study Skills course, a Reading course, and also a School Readiness course.

The tutors that work at our learning centre are all qualified teachers, passionate about helping your child achieve success in school! Firstly, we will conduct a free assessment to determine what your child is struggling with, and then we will develop a unique programme and present lessons that will help him/her overcome these difficulties and achieve academic success.

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What we do

At Kip McGrath Durbanville, we are passionate about helping learners achieve their full academic potential. We specialise in subjects like Maths, Afrikaans, and English, and offer structured learning programmes to learners from grade R – 12. What makes our extra lessons different, is the fact that they are specifically developed to suit your child’s learning needs. We are open after school, thereby ensuring that all learners have the time to join us!

Courses and subjects we currently offer:

  • Maths Extra Lessons
  • Study Skills Course
  • English Extra Lessons
  • School Readiness Course
  • Afrikaans Extra Lessons
  • Reading Skills Course

For more information on the courses that we offer, or our academic approach, be sure to visit our website or feel free to contact our team directly.

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