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Do you suffer from painful, unsightly nails that are afflicted by a nail fungal infection? Are your nails loose and painful? The only solution to remedy these problems is Fix-4-Nails. It is a revolutionary product, specifically formulated to effectively eliminate nail fungal infections and rebuild loose nails. Our product is the invention of ingenious Namibian pharmacist Willie Fourie, who first produced Fix-4-Nails in the 1970’s. Since this early inception, it has become one of the most reliable and trusted nail care products o the shelves today. Fix-4-Nails has restored countless people’s confidence, by fully combating embarrassing nail fungal infections and restoring beauty to loose and painful nails.

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    Our product

    Fix-4-Nails is vastly different to other conventional products available, because it does not attack the fungus directly, but rather creates unfavourable conditions for further growth of the fungus beneath the nail. By doing this, our product prevents the nail bed from becoming a viable breeding-ground for the nail fungus. Not only does our exceptional product fight nail fungal infections, it also provides highly effective assistance in the regrowth of loose or weak nails, by softening the keratin underneath. For the most optimal results, we recommend applying Fix-4-Nails twice a day, directly under the nail.

    If you would like to restore the former glory to your hands, please feel free to visit our website or contact us directly for more details on our South African and Namibian suppliers. Our product is also available internationally online via ihealth.


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