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Excite your palate with fine wine estates near Newlands

Newlands is known as one of Cape Town’s hippest, most happening neighbourhoods, and as such, there are several prestigious wine estates near Newlands that locals favour and enjoy visiting for a lazy Saturday afternoon of wine tasting and lunching. The most prominent local wine hangout is Wijnhuis; while not a wine estate, it sells a range of stunning local wines and offers visitors the option of having a wine tasting experience to match those of nearby wine farms and estates! Many of the wine estates near Newlands also have top-class on-site restaurants, all of which are beautifully appointed, and provide a wide selection of wine and food pairings which guests can indulge in. The restaurants have become as renowned as the wine estates near Newlands, as the offer cuisine that is of a world-class standard and made from outstanding locally sourced ingredients and produce. The area of Newlands itself is not ideal for the farming or production of wine, but its surrounding areas of Constantia and Stellenbosch have the perfect terroirs for creating exceptional wines, as they have the perfect climate and soil.  The wine estates near Newlands are only a short drive away, allowing visitors to spend the day exploring and discovering the local offerings. Some of the most popular variants of wine produced at these estates include Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each estate offers a creative, bespoke blend and fresh insight on wine production, which makes choosing to visit only one a simply impossible task! Visitors to Newlands may have to travel to nearby estates, but the journeys are not tedious or far, and the delights to be discovered are well worth the drive! For further details on the abundant wine estates near Newlands, please browse the advertisements listed in this category!